Book Challenges

The Classics Club
Since many blogs have joined The Classics Club, where you choose 50+ of classics to be read within the next five years, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon so to speak. So here we go! I will begin in June of 2014 and will hopefully read and finish many of those in June of 2019.

1. A Thousand Splendid Suns-Khaled Housseini
2. Arabian Nights Vol I and II (Signet Version)-Anonymous 
3. Bel Canto-Ann Patchett 
4. Children of the Arbat-Anatoli Rybakov
5. Dust and Ashes-Anatoli Rybakov
6. Family-Ba Jin
7. Fear-Anatoli Rybakov
8. Forever Amber-Kathleen Winsor 
9. Great Russian Short Stories (Anthology)-Various
10. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone-JK Rowling
11. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-JK Rowling
12. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-JK Rowling
13. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-JK Rowling
14. Heavy Sand-Anatoli Rybakov
15. Here's To You, Rachel Robinson-Judy Blume
16. Its not the End of the world-Judy Blume
17. Jephte's Daughter-Naomi Ragen
18. Just as long as we're together-Judy Blume
19. Kite Runner-Khaled Housseini
20. Lorna Doone-RD Blackmore 
21. Sarah Orne Jewett short stories (Anthology)-Sarah Orne Jewett
22. Sarah, Plain and Tall-Patricia McLachlan
23. Kate Chopin's Selected Stories-Kate Chopin
24. Sotah-Naomi Ragen
25. Starring Sally J Freedman as herself-Judy Blume
25. The Awakening-Kate Chopin
26. The Idiot-Fyodor Dostoevsky
27. The Picture of Dorian Gray-Oscar Wilde
28. The Sacrifice of Tamar-Naomi Ragen
29. The Tenth Song-Naomi Ragen
30. Tiger Eyes-Judy Blume
31. The Diary of Anne Frank-Anne Frank
32. Chronicles-Jean Froissart
33. The Secret History-Procopius
34. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks-Rebecca Skloot
35. The Spirit Catches You and You fall Down-Anne Fadiman
36. The Sunflower-Simon Wisenthal
37. The North China Lover-Marguerite Duras
38. Dream of the Red Chamber-Cao Xueqin
39. The Mysteries of Udolpho-Ann Radcliffe
40. Gone with the Wind-Margaret Mitchell
41. Little House in the big woods-Laura Ingalls Wilder
42. The Song of the Lark-Willa Cather 
43. O Pioneers!-Willa Cather
44. My Antonia-Willa Cather
45. Little House on the Prairie-Laura Ingalls Wilder
46. The Farmer Boy-Laura Ingalls Wilder
47. On the banks of plum creek-Laura Ingalls Wilder
48. Jews without money-Michael Gold
49. By the Shores of Silver Lake-Laura Ingalls Wilder
50. The Long Winter-Laura Ingalls Wilder
51. Little Town on the Prairie-Laura Ingalls Wilder
52. These Happy Golden Years-Laura Ingalls Wilder
53. Evelina-Fanny Burney
54. The Count of Monte Cristo-Alexandre Dumas
55. Dangerous Liaisons-Choderlos de Laclos
56. Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe 
57. The Sultan's Dilemma-Tawfiq Al-Hakim 
58. Snow Country-Kawabata Yasunari 
59. Pedro Paramo-Juan Rulfo 
60. Mrs. Spring Fragrance and other stories-Sui Sin Far 
61. East Wind, West Wind-Pearl Buck
62. Faust Part I-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
63. Madame Bovary-Gustave Flaubert
64. Six Characters in Search of an author-Luigi Pirandello 
65. Diary of a madman-Lu Xun 
66. The Metamorphosis-Franz Kafka 
67. Oedipus-Sophocles 
68. Edgar Allan Poe Short Stories-Edgar Allan Poe
69. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-Robert Louis Stevenson
70. Antigone-Sophocles
71. Sakuntala and the Ring Collection-Kalidasa
72. The Story of Ying-ying-Yuan Chen (Short story)
73. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-N/A
74. The Praise of Folly-Desiderius Erasmus
75. The Narrow Road of the Interior-Matsuo Basho

Around the World in 7 Books
Africa- Homegoing Yaa Gyasi
Antarctica- The Comet Seekers Helen Sedgwick
Asia- A True Novel Minae Mizumura
Australia- The Thorn Birds Colleen McCullough
Europe- Mary Queen of Scots Margaret George
North America- Sacagawea Anna Lee Waldo
South America- Bel Canto Ann Patchett

Fifty States challenge
Delaware- the book of unknown Americans
Pennsylvania- Back Roads, Marion Hatley, Lili de jong
New Jersey- forever... Mr. Boardwalk
Georgia- gone with the wind
Connecticut- the barbarians are coming, vision in white, bed of roses, savor the moment, happy ever after
Massachusetts- accidents of marriage,painted hands
Maryland- blood and chocolate, mary's land
South Carolina- the secret life of bees
New Hampshire- fortune's rocks
Virginia- America's first daughter
New York- farmer boy, the color of light, the idea of him, shelter, isolation door
North Carolina- this dark road to mercy
Rhode island- the American heiress
Vermont- the secret history
Kentucky- then like the blind men
Tennessee- the foreign student, come next spring
Ohio- everything I never told you, eating bull
Louisiana- cauchemar, five smooth stones
Indiana- the fault in our stars
Illinois- dollface, what the lady wants
Mississippi- the tilted world
Alabama- to kill a mockingbird, Grace
Maine-the country of the pointed firs, deep haven, a country doctor
Missouri- gone girl
Arkansas- sit stay speak
Michigan- the dollmaker
Florida- staring Sally j Freedman as herself
Texas- Ruby, till morning comes, titans, Somerset, roses
Iowa- go away home
Wisconsin- little house in the big woods
California- bridge of scarlet leaves ,the good woman, the good daughter, the good wife, secrets of the apple
Minnesota- on the banks of plum creek
Oregon- beyond deserving
Kansas- little house on the prairie, the roanoke girls
West Virginia- the mapmakers children
Nevada- risk of ruin, the Goldfinch
Nebraska- o pioneers, my Antonia, Eleanor and park
Colorado- song of the lark
North Dakota- by the shores of silver lake, the master's butchers singing club
South Dakota- the long winter, little town on the prairie, these happy golden years
Montana- in open spaces
Washington- songs of willow frost, hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet
Idaho- lake overturn, Loreena's gift
Wyoming- marchlands
Utah- the 19th wife
Oklahoma- the art of crash landing
New Mexico- tiger eyes
Arizona- coyote dreams
Alaska- the snow child
Hawaii- diamond head

Alphabet triple challenge
First Alyson Richman-the mask carver's son
Last Antiporda Enrico ( band of gypsies, a light in the cane fields)
Title: Against the crimson sky-James COnryod Martin
First: Brenda Lesley (The Tenth Measure)
Last Burns, Jillian (Cabin Fever)
Title Butternut Summer-Mary McNear
First, Colin Falconer (Naked In LA)
Last Cao, Xueqin (The dreamer wakes)
Title The Crab Flower Club-Cao Xueqin
First: David Blixt (The Master of Verona)
Last Dalessandro James (1906)
Title: Daughters of Rome-Kate Quinn
First: Erica Johansen the queen of the tearling, the fate of the tearling
Last Estes, Kelli The girl who wrote in silk
Title: Esther-Rebecca Kanner
First: Then Like the Blind men-Freddie Owens
Last Forsyth, Kate (Bitter Greens)
Title Fortune's Fool-David Blixt
First Grace Burrowes (What a lady needs for christmas, the bridegroom wore plaid, once upon a tartan, the MacGregor's lady)
Last" Buddapest Romance-Rozsa Gaston
Title: The Golden Days-Cao Xueqin
First: Holly Peterson (The Idea of Him)
Last Hazell, Rebecca (Consolamentum)
Title: Her SEAL Protector-Jillian Burns (Highland Jade-Stephanie Bartlett)
First Ildefonso Falcones (The Barefoot Queen)
Last Innes, Kate (The Errant Hours)
Title: the invasion of the tearling Erica Johansen
First Jillian Burns (Fevered Nights) Jade Lee ( white tigress, hungry tigress, cornered tigress, burning tigress, desperate tigress, tempted tigress)
Last Jacobson Mark, (Sensing Light)
Title: The Jewel in the crown-Paul Scott
First Kate Quinn (The Lion and the Rose, the Empress of the seven hills)
Last Ursula K Le Guin The Tombs of Atuan, the farthest shore)
Title: Kenjiro- pat barr
First : Lana Cooper (Bad Taste in Men)
Last Longfellow Pamela (China Blues)
Title Lady of the Eternal City-Kate Quinn
First: Mary McNear (Moonlight on Butternut Lake)
Last Martin, James Conroyd (Push not the river, the Warsaw conspiracy)
Title Mistress of Rome-Kate Quinn
First Nicole Mones (The Last Chinese Chef)
Last Noblin, Annie England (Sit! Stay! Speak)
Title Naked in Havana, Naked in  Saigon (Colin Falconer)
First Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Grey)
Last Oringer Julie ( The invisible bridge)
Title: The Orphan's Tale-Pam Jenoff
First Paul Scott (The towers of silence)
Last: Chaim Potok (My name is Asher Lev)
Title Prince's Doom-David Blixt
First Quincy Carroll (Up to the mountains and down to the countryside)
Last Quinn, Kate (The Serpet and the Pearl)
Title: The Queen of Sparta TS Chaudhry
First Rebecca Hazell (THe Grip of God. Solomon's Bride)
Last: Richman, Alyson (The Lost Wife)
Title The Rain Maiden- Jill M Phillips
First: Stephanie Thornton (Daughter of the gods)
Last Scott, Paul (A Division of the spoils,The day of the scorpion)
Title The Secret History (Stephanie Thornton)
First: Terrence Cheng (Sons of Heaven)
Last Thornton, Stephanie (The conqueror's wife)
Title: The Tiger Queens-Stephanie Thornton
First: Ursula K. Le Guin (A Wizard of Earthsea)
Last: Umrigar, Thrity (The Story Hour)
Title:  Up at Butternut Lake-Mary McNear
First: Valerie Fitzgerald-Zemindar
Last Kim van Alkemade (The Orphan Number Eight)
Title: Voice of the Falconer-David Blixt
First Weina Dai Randel (The Empress of the Bright Moon, Moon in the palace)
Last Wong, Cecily (Diamond Head)
Title: The Warning Voice-Xueqin Cao
First Xueqin Cao (The debt of Tears)
Last: Xue Xinran (Miss Chopsticks)
Title Chenxi and the Foreigner-Sally Ann Rippin
First: Yangse Choo (The Ghost Bride)
Last  Alan Yang (The Thread of a Thousand Miles)
Title The Year She Left us-Kathryn Ma
First: Zoe Klein (Drawing in the Dust)
Last Zobair, Jennifer (Painted Hands)
Title Zinsky the Obscure (Ilan Mochari)

From Ancient Times to Modern Times Challenge

The day
The lobby- Randi M Sherman

The Week
Genesis chapter 1

The Month
1001 Arabian  Nights 1-28

The season
Millicent min trilogy- Lisa yee

The Year
Clarissa- Samuel richardson

Life of one person
The Tale of Genji-Murasaki Shikibu  ( chapters 1-41 tyler)

Portraits- Cynthia Freeman

Short time span
Russka- Edward Rutherford

Long Time span
Hawaii- James Michener

Ancient Times

The Clan of the cave bear-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Valley of horses-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Mammoth Hunters-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Plains of Passage-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Shelters of Stone-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

The Land of Painted Caves-Jean M Auel (-27,000 PME)

People of the wolf- W. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear (- 13,000 PME)

Sisters of the black moon- f.j. Pesan do  ( -12,000 PME)

People of the fire- w. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear  (-8,000 PME)

Mother Earth, Father sky- sue Harrison  (-7,056 PME)

My sister the moon- sue Harrison  (-7,039 PME)

Brother wind- sue Harrison  (-7,038 PME)

Song of the river- sue Harrison  (-6,460 PME)

Crystal of the wind- Sue Harrison  ( - 6,458 PME)

Call down the stars- Sue Harrison (-6,447 PME)

Noah's Wife-T.K Thorne (-5521 PME)

People of the earth- w. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear  (-5,000 PME)

Peyote fire shaman of the canyons- Mary s black (-4,000 PME)

The angels at the gate- to Thorne  (-1,748 PME)

Isaac and ishmael- Mary for urns (-1,700s PME)

Daughter of the gods-Stephanie Thornton (-1493 PME)

Nefertiti- Michelle Moran (-1,351 PME)

Esther-Rebecca Kanner (-480 PME)

The Queen of Sparta-T.S. Chaudhry (-479 PME)

The Conqueror's Wife-Stephanie Thornton (-336 PME)

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross (-168 PME, -63 PME)

The First Man in Rome-Colleen McCullough (-110--101 PME)

The Grass Crown-Collen McCullough (-98--86 PME)

Fortune's Favorites-Colleen McCullough (-83--69 PME)

Caesar's Women-Colleen McCullough (-68--58 PME)

Caesar-Colleen McCullough (-54--48 PME)

Memoirs of cleopatra- Margaret George (-60s PME)

I, Claudius-Robert Graves (-41 PME)


Roman Mask-Thomas M.D. Brooke (9 ME)

I, Claudius-Robert Graves (41 ME)

Claudius the god-Robert Graves

Roma Amor-Sherry Christie (37 ME)

The Confessions of Young Nero-Margaret George

Curses and Smoke-Vicky Alvear Shecter (79 ME)

Daughters of Rome-Kate Quinn

Mistress of Rome-Kate Quinn

The gladiatrix- faith L justice


Empress of the Seven Hills-Kate Quinn

Lady of the Eternal City-Kate Quinn

The Three Kingdoms Vol I The Sacred Oath-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol II The Sleeping Dragon-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol III Welcome the Dragon-Luo Guanzhong


The Three Kingdoms Vol I The Sacred Oath-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol II The Sleeping Dragon-Luo Guanzhong

The Three Kingdoms Vol III Welcome the Tiger-Luo Guanzhong

Rav Hisda's Daughter-Maggie Anton

Family favorites- Alfred Duggan


The Enchantress-Maggie Anton

Hadrian wall- William dietrich


The Scourge of God-William Dietrich

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross

On the Edge of sunset- Cynthia Ripley Miller

The Quest for the Crown of thorns- Cynthia Ripley Miller

Twilight empress- faith L justice


Sacrifice-Gwendolyn Beynon

The Secret History-Stephanie Thornton (517)

West Breton story- Tom o'rourke


The Oblate's Confession-William Peak (600s)

Journey to the West Vol I-Wu CHeng'en (600s?)

Journey to the West Vol II Wu Cheng'en (600s?)

Journey to the West Vol III Wu Cheng'en (600s?)

The moon in the palace-Weinda Dai Randall (600s)

The Empress of the bright moon-Weina Dai Randall  (600s)


Court of the Lion-Eleanor Cooney

The King's Nun-Catherine Monroe

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross


Bodo the Apostate-Donald Michael Platt

The Wayward Moon-Janice Weizman

The Tale of Genji-Murasaki Shikibu

To be a queen-Annie Whitehead


To be a queen-Annie Whitehead

Alvar the Kingmaker-Annie Whitehead

The Tale of Genji-Murasaki Shikibu

Avalon-Anya Seton


Naked-Eliza Redgold

The Forever Queen-Helen Hollick

I am the chosen king-Helen Hollick

The Lives of Rachel-Joel Gross

 The bastard  king- Jean plaidy

The Lion of justice- Jean plaidy

Heir to a prophecy- Mercedes Rochelle

Godwine the kingmaker- Mercedes Rochelle

The Sons of Godwine- Mercedes Rochelle

Fatal rivalry- Mercedes Rochelle

Odin's Child-Bruce Macbain

The Ice Queen-Bruce Macbain

The Varangian-Bruce Macbain


When christ and his saints slept-Sharon Kay Penman

Time and Chance-Sharon Kay Penman

Devil's Brood-Sharon Kay Penman

All Men are brothers (The Water Margin-Shi Nai'an

The Golden Lotus Part I-Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng

The Golden Lotus Part II-Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng

Shadow of the Sowrds-Kamran Pasha

Lionheart- Sharon Kay penman

A king's ransom- Sharon Kay penman

The Rain maiden- Jill M Phillips

The Tiger Queens-Stephanie Thornton


The Bruce Trilogy-Nigel Tranter

The Errant hours- Kate Innes

Here be dragons- Sharon Kay penman

Falls the shadow- Sharon Kay penman

The reckoning- Sharon Kay penman

The Tiger Queens-Stephanie Thornton

The Grip of God-Rebecca Hazell

Solomon's Bride-Rebecca hazell

Consolamentum-Rebecca Hazell

People of the river- w. Michael gear and Kathleen o Neal gear

Sister que3ns- Sophie perinot

She who remembers- Linda lay Schuler

Voice of the eagle- Linda lay Schuler

Let the drum speak- Linda lay Schuler


Let the drum speak- Linda lay Schuler

The Bruce Trilogy-Nigel Tranter

Katherine-Anya Seton (1366)

 A triple knot- Emma Campion

Sinful folk- Ned Hayes

The scholars- Wu jingling

The Master of Verona-David Blixt

Voice of the Falconer-David Blixt

Fortune's Fool-David Blixt

The Prince's Doom-David Blixt

The traitor's wife- Susan Higginbotham

Hugh and bess- Susan Higginbotham


The Serpent and the Pearl-Kate Quinn

The Lion and the Rose-Kate Quinn

Seabird of Sanematsu-Kei Swanson

Season of Sanematsu-Kei Swanson

The Autobiography of Henry VIII-Margaret George

The Agincourt Bride-Joanna Hickson

The Tudor Bride-Joanna Hickson

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

The Inquisitor's Wife-Jeanne Kalogridis

The sunned in splendor- Sharon Kay penman


Teresa of the New World-Sharman Apt Russell

The Autobiography of Henry VIII-Margaret George

Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles-Margaret George

The dark lady'said mask- Mary Sharrat

Bitter Greens-Kate Forsyth


Bitter Greens-Kate Forsyth

The dark lady'said mask- Mary Sharrat

The lady of the tower- Elizabeth st John

The Winthrop woman- Anya Seton

Flight of the Sparrow-Amy Belding

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

East India-Colin Falconer

Highland Jade-Stephanie Bartlett

Forever Amber-Kathleen Windsor

To Dance with Kings-Rosalind Laker

Shinju- Laura joh Rowland

Bundori- Laura joh Rowland

The way of the traitor- Laura joh Rowland

The concubines tattoo- Laura joh Rowland

The samurai's wife- Laura joh Rowland

Black lotus- Laura joh Rowland

The pillow book of lady wisteria- Laura joh Rowland

The dragon king'size palace- Laura joh Rowland

The perfumed sleeve- Laura joh Rowland

The assassin's touch- Laura joh Rowland

Red chrysanthemum- Laura joh Rowland

The snow empress- Laura joh Rowland

The fire kimono- Laura joh Rowland

The boy who wanted wings- James Conroyd Martin

The Popish Midwife-Annelisa Christensen

The French Orphan-Michael Stolle

The Secrets of Montresor-Michael Stolle

Under the spell of Serenissima-Michael Stolle

The Queen's Maid of Honor-Michael Stolle

A traitor's Knot-Cryssa Bazos

 Rebels and traitors- Lindsey davis


The barefoot queen-Ildefonso Falcones

The cloud pavilion- Laura joh Rowland

The ronin's mistress- Laura joh Rowland

The incense game- Laura joh Rowland

The shogun's daughter- Laura joh Rowland

The Iris fan- Laura joh Rowland

The Story of the Stone Vol I The Golden Days-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol II The Crab Flower Club-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol III The Warning Voice-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol IV The Debt of Tears-Cao Xueqin

The Story of the Stone Vol V The Dreamer Wakes-Cao Xueqin

The Duel for Consuelo-Claudia H Long

Abundance-Sena Jeter Naslund

The barefoot Queen-Ildefonso Falcones

To Dance with Kings-Rosalind Laker

Sacajawea-Anna Lee Waldo

Becoming Josephine-Heather Webb

Homegoing-Yaa Gyasi

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

Mistress of the court- Laura purcell

Queen of bedlam- Laura purcell

Sisters of Versailles- Sally Christie

Rivals of versailles- Sally Christie

Enemies of versailles- Sally Christie

Push not the river- James Conroyd Martin

Against the crimson sky- James Conroyd Martin

 Against the crimson sky- James Conroyd Martin

The Warsaw conspiracy- James Conroyd Martin

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

What the lady wants-Renne Rosen

Portraits of an artist-Mary F Burns

Zemindar-Valerie Fitzgerald

Shadow of the moon-M.M Kaye

The far pavilions-M.M. Kaye

Sacajawea-Anna Lee Waldo

Homegoing-Yaa Gyasi

Becoming Josephine-Heather Webb

Victoria-Daisy Goodwin

Silk is for seduction-Loretta Chase

Scandal in Satin-Loretta Chase

Vixen in Velvet-Loretta Chase

Dukes Prefer Blondes-Loretta Chase

Gone with the wind- Margaret Mitchell

Mrs. Poe- Lynn Cullen

America's first daughter- Stephanie dray, Laura kamoie

The American heiress- Daisy Goodwin

The far pavilions- m.M. Kaye

Shadow of the moon- m.m. Kaye

Under the wide and starry sky- Nancy Horan

Little house in the prairie- Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little house in the big woods-Laura Ingalls Wilder

Farmer Boy-Laura Ingalls Wilder

On the banks of plum creek-Laura Ingalls Wilder

BY the Shores of Silver Lake-Laura Ingalls

The long winter Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little town on the Prairie-Laura Ingalls Wilder

These happy golden years- Laura Ingalls Wilder

The bridegroom wore plaid- Grace Burrowes

Once upon a tartan- Grace Burrowes

The macgregor's lady- Grace Burrowes

What a lady needs for christmas- Grace Burrowes

Almost a scandal- Elizabeth essex

A breath of scandal- Elizabeth essex

Scandal in the night- Elizabeth essex

After the scandal- Elizabeth essex

In the prince's bed- Sabrina Jeffries

To pleasure a prince- Sabrina Jeffries

One night with a prince- Sabrina Jeffries

Only a duke will do- Sabrina Jeffries

White tigress- Jade Lee

Hungry tigress- Jade Lee

Desperate tigress- Jade Lee

Burning tigress- Jade Lee

Cornered tigress- Jade Lee

Tempted tigress- Jade Lee

Kenjiro- pat barr

I shall be near to you-Erin Lindsay McCabe

The Girl who wrote in silk-Kelli Estes

The half wives-Stacia Pelletier

Grace-Natashia Deon

The Red Thread-Dawn Farnham

The Shallow Seas-Dawn Farnham

The Hills of Singapore-Dawn Farnham

The English Concubine-Dawn Farnham


Forgotten reflections- young-I'm Lee

Dollface- Rene Rosen

Netherwood- Jane sanderson

Ravenscliffe- Jane sanderson

The girl who came home- Hazel Gaynor

Somewhere in france- Jennifer Robson

After the war is over- Jennifer Robson

Moonlight over paris- Jennifer Robson

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet- Jamie Ford

Songs of willow frost- Jamie Ford

Love and other consolation prizes- Jamie Ford
Blossoms and bayonets- Jana mcburney Lin

Free food for millionaires- min jin lee

Pachinko- min jin lee

 The painter from shanghai- Jennifer Cody epstein

God's of heavenly punishment- Jennifer Cody epstein

The patriots- Sana Krasikov

The bridge of Scarlett leaves- KristIna Yoshida mcmorris

The foreign student- Susan Choi

Till morning comes- Han suyin

China blues- Pamela Longfellow

The Books of Rachel-Joel Gross

Orphan Number 8-Kim van Alkemade

Daughters-Consuelo Saah Bahrs

Madame Picasso-Anne Girard

A true novel-Minae Mizumura

The Thorn Birds-Collen McCullough

Homegoing-Yaa Gyasi

Empress of Canton-Juliann Troi

Green Pearl-Juliann Troi

Ellis Island-Kate Kerrigan

City of Hope-Kate Kerrigan

Land of Dreams-Kate Kerrigan

The Lotus Eaters-Tatjana Soli

The Jewel in the Crown-Paul Scott

The Day of the Scorpion-Paul Scott

THe Towers of Silence-Paul Scott

A Division of the spoils-Paul Scott

Naked in Havana-Colin Falconer

Naked in LA-Colin Falconer

Naked in Saigon-Colin Falconer

A light in the cane fields-Enrico Antiporda

The color of our sky-Amita Trasi

The last daughter of Prussia-Marina Gottlieb Sarles

Hotel Moscow-Talia Carner

A Suitable Boy-Vikram Seth

The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach-Pam Jenoff

Orphan's Tale-Pam Jenoff

The Ambassador's Daughter-Pam Jenoff

Kommandant's Girl-Pam Jenoff

The Diplomat's Wife-Pam Jenoff

Wild girls- Erica Abeel

Autobiography of us- Arial Beth Sloss

Sensing Light Mark a Jacobson

The drifter- Christine Lennon

Fallout- Sadie Jones

Human acts- Han Kang

Chenxi and the Foreigner-Sally Ann Rippin

Sons of heaven- Terrence cheng

The Year She Left us- Kathryn Ma

Heavy sand- anatoli Rybakov

Children of the arbat- anatoli Rybakov

Fear- anatoli Rybakov

Dust and ashes-anatoli Rybakov

The Jewel of St petersburg- Kate furnivall

the Russian concubine- Kate furnivall

the girl from junchow- Kate furnivall

The invisible bridge- Julia Oringer

Snakebite sonnet- max Phillips

Fortune's rocks- Anita Shreve

Good people- Nir Baram

The Chilbury Ladies' Choir-Jennifer Ryan

Parlor Games-Maryka Biaggio

The cadeuceus and the swastika-Steven M Hacker

A gentleman in Moscow-Amor Towles

Marlene- C.W. Gortner

The Tumbling Turner Sisters-Juliette Fay

Living Treasures-Yang Huang

The Munich Girl-Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Titans-Leila Meacham

The Ginger Tree-Oswald Wynd

Come next spring-Alana White

Last night at the blue angel-Rebecca Rotert

Palace Walk-Naguib Mahfouz

Palace of Desire-Naguib Mahfouz

Sugar Street-Naguib Mahfouz

Mandala-Pearl S Buck

The Tea Planter's Wife-Dinah Jeffries

Before the Rains-Dinah Jeffries

Shelter-Jung Yun

Cutting for stone-Abraham Verghese

Setting free the kites-Alex George

The Invisible Mountain-Carolina DeRobertis

The Seamstress-Frances de Pontes Peebles

The Roanoke Girls-Amy Engel

Setting free the kites-ALex George

Bel Canto-Ann Patchett

Contemporary Times

The Comet Seekers-Helen Sedgwick

The Secret of the apple-Paual Hiatt

The color of our sky-Amita Trasi

 My Half of the Sky-Jana McBurney Lin

The patriots- Sana Krasikov

The vegetarian- Han Kang

Bird and fish- Adrienne Leslie

Sea and sky- Adrienne Leslie

Accidents of marriage- Randy Susan Myers

The girl who wrote in silk-Kelli Estes

The last Chinese Chef-Nicole Mones

The Garden of SMall Beginnings-Abbi Waxman

The Roanoke Girls-Amy Engel

Setting free the kites-Alex George

Daughter of mine-Laura Fabiani

The Windfall-Diksha Basu

Guy-Jowita Bydlowska

The original Ginny Moon-Benjamin Ludwig

It happens in the Hamptons-Holly Peterson

White girl in la casa-Christa Jeanne

Future Times:
The Queen of the Tearling
The Invasion of the Tearling
The Fate of the Tearling
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